As an NWFA certified mill, Roberts Wood Products, Inc and Roberts
Hardwood Flooring, LLC are products of a long heritage of timber workers. 
Today, three generations of the Roberts’ family are directly involved in the day
to day operations including: Rick Roberts (general manager), Josh Roberts
(son of Rick, operations manager),
and Kerri Roberts-Yarber (daughter of
Rick, office manager).  Our director of
sales, Gerald Roberts, is always
eager to assist with the needs of our
valued customers.
The images on television show men with chainsaws felling monster trees,
scrambling over acres of logs and braving treacherous weather and
terrain in the remote woods of Oregon.  Rick Roberts says shows like the
History Channel’s “Ax Men” are dramatic but don’t reflect best business
practices. The key to running a modern logging operation lies in automating
wherever possible, buying reliable rugged equipment and replacing it on a
regular basis.
He should know. Since founding Roberts Wood Products of Mountain View,
Missouri, in 1981, he has grown the company from two employees to 100.
The former forester with the Missouri Department of Conservation now owns
10,000+ acres of timber plus a sawmill, drying kilns and a flooring plant.
The second generation is now taking over, with his son Josh managing the
plant and his daughter Kerri handling the accounting work.
The company uses every scrap of wood. After logs are cut and dried, some of
the high-grade lumber is made into hardwood flooring. Some of it is shipped to
furniture- and cabinet-makers in the United States and abroad. Lesser-quality
wood is converted to landscaping ties and pallets. Even the woodchips and
sawdust are sold.
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We strive to offer our
customers the highest
quality hardwood flooring
available while maintaining
competitive pricing.